Oracle of Sassafras

The Butterfly:

Symbol of perfect transformation. It is about profound changes of the soul.2 large Indian natural rubies mounted on pure Silver, the precious metal that symbolises the moon’s energy which facilitates the journey to the inner world.

Ruby is a stone of happiness that keeps love relationships. This stone also provides economic stability. Ruby is also known as the fertility stone, and is highly recommended for women who wish to be pregnant. This stone is believed to ease pregnancy and keep mother and foetus healthy. Combined with the symbolism of the butterfly this piece is surely a powerful choice for a mother in waiting.

This Piece was designed with the intention to bring your inner-self to your awareness and help you fulfil what you were created to be.

May this beautiful piece created with Love, remind you of the Divine beauty that dwells within you.

May it inspire you to let that spark of God that is so unique to you, shine for everyone to see and be blessed by its splendour.

The Oracle


Size: 7.5 cm wide/5.5cm long

 Price: $250

$ 250.00